Problem with components

Hi !
I’m using Sketchup on a daily basis for architecture purposes. My concern is about some weird components beheviour. I know I missed something but I can’t find my mistake.
First of all, is there a way to be helped in french as although i speak english, I must admit that I lack some technical wordings to describe my problem…
Let’s try : I made a rainwater descent component. it’s made of several little components parts and my wish was to be able to scale it in the height with all the little parts following. but when I scale it, some parts are changing their position… what is the reference point when scaling ? the parent component or the child one ?

Can you upload a SketchUp model that you are trying to scale?

It seems possible that your issue is to do with where the subcomponents have their component origins placed.

Thanks for your answer john.
I will send it tomorrow yes.
Is there a way to send it here or must I use another website like dropbox ?
I made a test file that works when using the scale tool, but it seems that the component origin has to be on top of everything. As soon as i place a subcomponent above the main component origin, the scale doesn’t function anymore…

If the file isn’t “too big” (not sure what size that is now - maybe 10MB?) you can just drag the .skp file into your post while you are writing or editing it.

If it is too big, use a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive, or similar and post a link here to the file.

test.skp (3.2 MB)
John, apart from this file, several questions arose during my test :

  1. When you use the scaling tool on a component, the textures are streching too… Is there a way to prevent this from happening ?
  2. I sometimes have a weird value of the height of a component (in the component structure window) which is different from a direct measurement with the tape tool. This is often when a scaling has been made…have you ever encounter this problem ?

Not sure if this video will answer all your questions, but it covers the basics.

Hi there !

Salut reddevil :wink:

J’ai ouvert ton fichier, pas tout regarder mais j’ai l’impression vient (en parti) de tes axes (parents et enfants) qui partent dans differentes directions.

tu dois pouvoir aussi retirer quelques lignes dans tes attributs et déverrouiller certaines dimensions/positions.

l’ensemble se cale sur l’origine du parent 0,0,0 local du composant.

Have a nice day !

Hi reddevil: wink:

I opened your file, not look at everything but I have the impression (partly) of your axes (parents and children) going in different directions.

you must also be able to remove some lines in your attributes and unlock certain dimensions / positions.

the assembly snaps to the origin of the local 0,0,0 parent of the component.

Have a nice day!