SkecthUp Make accidentally upscaling components!


Can anybody explain me, what has happend with my components?
They are all upscaled x10, so when I open a component in my model, (from where they are made), they are 10 times as big as when they where saved?


Are you sure your model isn’t just 10 times as small as you think it is?


The components are made and saved from the model, and I havn’t closed and opened the model.
The scale of the model is still the same and all measurements are correct in the model.
It’s when I open the components from the components list they measure 10 times as big.


Share a model that shows this.


90% likely that you have scaled down the components in the model which doesn’t scale the ones in the component browser.


You are probably right, but how come, that the measurements are correct in the model and not on the components?
If I’ve scaled down all the components in the model I havn’t done it intentionally.
I scaled one opened component 1,1 with the scaling tool, will this influence on all other components in the model?


There are a number of possible reasons. Please don’t continue to make us guess. Share an example file that has the issue.


Perhaps this will explain.


Dave I don’t think it makes any sence to send you my entire model and all of my components, You’ll just see a 10 times larger component than the same part of the model It was made from.

Thanks for your video ‘Box’. That’s explain very well how to scale with the scaling tool and that the component willl remain it’s original size. I know these features, but for me the problem is what I did wrong to change the scale of all the components. And it must be the scaling of the components which has changed, since the model is still in the right scale.
Nevertheless thank you all for trying to help me understand the problem. I’ll have to rescale the components when I import them in the model and that’s that.
best Bo


There have been several attempts to explain reasons why you are seeing this. SketchUp isn’t just scaling components accidentally or at random. It’s the way they’ve been created. Without seeing an example file, there’s not much more to say.


Right click and select Scale definition and the components will rescale to the one in the model.