Can I resize/scale components in the 'components in model tab'?

I am making a small model in wood but the dimensions are very small, therefore I modelled metre for mm.

I made components when working in the large Metre scale before resizing the model back to mm. Consequently when I bring components in from the tab they are a thousand times too large and deleting them from the list also deletes all instances of them and the resized smaller ones in the model.

Is there a way to resize the component from within the components tab or do I have to create another at the mm size and rename it to save it as I can’t have the same name for 2 components, then delete the large original one and when they are deleted rename the just renamed smaller one? Or should I model as groups in meters then resize to mm and then make and name components?

After scaling the components down you need to scale the definition. Right click on the component and choose Scale Definition from the context menu. Or, open the component for editing and scale the geometry instead of scaling the component. Or, use the Dave Method to make the parts in the first place so you don’t wind up with incorrect definition scale at all.

Knew you’d sort me out, thanks and happy new year.

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Glad it helped. HNY!