Components remain unchanged after re-sizing with the scale tool/

I have re sized a model using the scale tool but when I access the model components in the default tray they have remained un chamged from the original sizes. Is it possible to obtain a re-scaled group of components?

Right-click scaled instance > Scale Definition.


There is one strange gotcha in that technique. Whether it matters depends on what is in the model.

Suppose you have several instances of a particular Component in your model, and that they have been previously scaled differently from each other. When you apply Scale Definition to one of them, the ComponentDefinition will indeed be rescaled, but all the other instances will get “inverse scaled” so that they remain the same in the model.

In most cases, that probably works out best more or less transparently, doesn’t it?


Much of the time, probably yes. But if the user didn’t know about this, they might be confused by the effect.