Squashed Components

Has anyone seen this before?
The original components in the model are ok, but if I drag another one from the component tray it is squashed out of shape.
the shapes on the left are in the model and the shapes on the right are components from the tray.

Looks like the component had been scaled at some point before it was saved but the definition not corrected.

I have seen something similar before when component dimensions get modified with the Scale tool instead of opening the component for editing and scaling the geometry within.

I cant say for sure if I have scaled, something, in the model. Not something I usually do. most of what i do goes to cnc so it has to be fairly accurate. If you get a spare min could you have a look at the model.

1316BW_Smells Interactive.skp (8.3 MB)

Open the group for editing and right click on the “puffer side panel” component. You will see that Reset Scale and Scale Definition is available to be clicked. This indicates the component had been scaled but the definition not updated. It’s hard to say from this end when that happened but it did at some point. How did you model that panel?

It appears that most of the components in the model have been scaled without updating their definitions.

This is the template i use, I model with the vertical components and the partner component laying flat goes to CNC

Cnc_Template.skp (2.5 MB)

Thanks DaveR
I have no idea how this has happened. now when i update the scale it squashes the model out of shape.
Luckily this job has gone to the shop floor, but its food for thought. I’ll have to pay attention to what Im doing. this could have been a big prob.
thanks again

Unusual template but I don’t see any scaled components there.

If you perhaps changed the size of a panel using scale before drawing the cutouts, that could be the cause.

Think about where you might be using the Scale tool or use the Tape Measure tool for resizing. In the future if you use Scale to change the dimensions of something, make sure you are scaling the geometry and not the component or at least scale the definition to fix it. I generally find that Scale just isn’t the right tool for the job for resizing parts such as you’ve modeled.

Thanks DaveR

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