Scaling the component definition?

Hi all.
I made a model in metres model units instead of mm, basically 1000x scale because I knew I would run into lots of small face issues.
When finished I scaled the whole thing back down 1000x and changed the model units back to my usual mm so the sizes in the model window are now accurate. Great.
However the defintions of the components are still at 1000x scale in the in model components, when I drag copies in from the component window they are huge.

I would like to make the definition scale accurate too. The answer to it avoids me, I just can’t figure how to do it, that’s if I’ve even done it before…

Any help appreciated, thanks.

If you right click on the component after you’ve scaled it down, you can select Scale Definition and that should take care of it.

I avoid having to do this by using “The Dave Method.”


The right click context menu, probably the only place I didn’t look thanks.

I use The Dave Method mostly, but knew there would be lots of issues so I went the whole hog. I suppose it just created more work really, hindsight can be an ugly thing. I think I’ll stick to The Dave in the future and leave the model units alone.

Thankyou very much sir, have a nice day!

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This is something that you need to look out for when exporting to .stl for 3d printing. You can get yourself very confused when choosing the units to export and end up with tiny or huge parts. My first troubleshoot is always right click and see if ‘scale definition’ is available.

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