When replacing scaled component, the new component is at scale factor of previous. Is there a way to stop this?



Hi All,

I have a problem where if I am replacing a scaled component, the new component is also scaling to the factor of the original. Is there a way to stop this?

If I dont scale the original component, and instead click in to edit the parameters(set height and length manually) then when replaced everything works as it should.

The new component dimension should read as detailed in the component window…but it is not.

Please can someone explain why this is happening?




You are scaling the instances of the Component-Definition. Right-click on an instance (copy) and choose ‘Scale definition’


Thanks, but is there a way to automatically do this once the component has been scaled?

Or will it be a case of remembering to manually right click after every new scaled variant of the component?


EDIT : all sorted.:smiley: