Scaling Components

I created a window for a house (3’ x 4’). The window is a component and I have been placing the same size window all over the house. I want to use the same style window, but make it larger. Is there a way to copy, paste and resize just one window without rescaling all the windows in the house?

You can Scale an Instance of a Component without it affecting the Definition itself.
BUT if you edit the Component and then Scale its contents, then those changes apply to all of its Instances.

Some Component Instances can be Scaled successfully - e.g. a cylindrical column in its height [Z], BUT if the Scaling visibly resizes parts within container, e.g. a window which you make narrower would have reduced side-frame widths - so then it doesn’t work.

To get around this…
let’s assume you want a window that is narrower.
Place an Instance of the original window Component and Select it - use the context-menu Make-Unique.
Now you have a separate Definition - you might want to rename it in Entity Info…
Edt it… do NOT Scale its contents.
Rather, use a fence to Select the geometry that forms the side frame and use the Move tool to move it in the X to the new location - making temporary Guide-lines might be helpful.
Attached geometry like the sill/head should also shrink automatically.
If you have make the parts of the frame a nested groups or other component-instances you can probaby Scale those within the new Component’s edit…

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