Dynamic component scaling

I’ve had a problem with dynamic components, where they’ll occasionally lose the ability to “Scale” properly. Instead of populating sub-components when you use the Scale tool, the whole assembly will scale as if it was a regular component. For example, I’m trying to populate an array of solar panels and racking, and the dynamic component usually adds more panels when I scale it in the X and/or Y direction (I toggled the other Scale handles off). But it will sometimes stretch everything in the array instead of expanding the array.

I noticed that this happens when you delete “Copy 0” of any subcomponent, but that doesn’t seem to be the only cause. I never Explode anything, and I avoid deleting “Copy 0” when making customizations within the component. Anyone know what’s going on?

Edit 1: Uploaded the DC in 3 forms:
TEST_Functional (unmodified, should scale/populate normally)
TEST_Broken_Copy0 (intentionally deleted Copy0 of both subcomponents to demonstrate)
TEST_Customized (I changed the Mode of the DC to allow for customizations - I know this won’t Scale properly, but I expect it to “reset” if you toggle the mode back to “Grid”)

I’m still trying to replicate the problem I was having, which was similar to deleting Copy0, but I don’t know why.
TEST_Customized.skp (1.0 MB)
TEST_Broken_Copy0.skp (1007.8 KB)
TEST_Functional.skp (1012.5 KB)

At a guess, the copies should be contained in a parent

You will have to upload the DC to confirm.

each part of the component needs to be set to some value - for example - your solar panels have some edge (i’m guessing) and when you scale the component you want the edges to stay the same but increase the # of panels. so, the edge parts need to have their sizes defined so they stay stable - either as fixed values, or values assigned in the parent component - (as would the rest of the parts really) so you’re effectively “tiling” the component. otherwise the scale tool (or even just specifying the LenX and LenY values) and thus parts without specific values set, will scale (and result in an out of proportion component).

Just uploaded- see Edit 1 notes!

there is an error in the array foot print, update these to the current parent name and “anypanel”

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