Subcomponent in DC having scaling issues

Hello everyone,

I’m having some scaling issues with my Dynamic Component. It feels like there should be a simple solution to the problem that I am missing.

So here is the issue. I have a DC which is a window, window sill, and an arc on the top of it all.

The arc is a DC that works perfectly when it’s not a subcomponent of the window. Yet as a subcomponent it gets stretched with the parent DC in an inconsistent way.

To clarify, the top right picture is the window and the arc before changing the size:

and top left, is after changing the width of the window. As you can see the arc has been stretched out along its X axis. The X length and the Y length of the arc in its attributes are set to be equal. The arc always stays a 90 degree segment when it is not a subcomponent of the window, but as a subcomponent, it gets skewed.
In comparison (two bottom pics) when working with the Arc DC in separation, the arc scales consistently.

What am I missing?

If anyone can help it would be really appreciated as I have spent hours on this with no luck!

Here is the file:
DynamicWindow.skp (595.4 KB)

you need to scale it across the X and Z axis to maintain the shape aspect ratio, same as when its separate. of course the challenge is the thickness will change - more X = more Z = thicker. Y (presuming it’s depth) would not impact the width and thickness.

now presuming you want the radius to expand so the Z axis remains the same height as the stretched arc portion, it might be the trim component needs a bunch of parts to simulate that.

Thank you for your response! I don’t think I understand your suggestion well. In the arc’s DC, the Lenx and LenY are set to be the same. (as well as when it is a subcomponent of the window). How is it that it works well as a separate DC, but it gets skewed with the window when it’s a subcomponent of it?

maybe you need an offset to width X setting as the angled ends contribute the overall X length.