Dynamic Component Error - Automatic re-scaling

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Good Morning All,

I am creating dynamic components for construction equipment for the last 6 years. With some complex models I have 2 issues;

  1. the components start to random rescale automatically after changing the variables in the dialogue/table
  2. the groups within the components starting to take their own X,Y,Z position. After a save and restart it is correcting it self.

I use the following method in Sketchup

  • Create a component, mostly consisting of a line with a length representing the object length
  • Insert inside the component a group with the required shape of the object
  • The model consists of various groups and components with all a unique name unless more of the same name are used, but those groups ar within the same component. I have noticed that these groups then start to behave like components until the moment the command Statistics - Fix Errors has been used.
  • To avoid rescaling I now need to give every group its specific dimensions LenX, LenY and LenZ, and X,Y and Z which is very time consuming

Anybody else has the same issues?

  1. could be some sub components that have other instances in the model, check the misbehaving components subs in the entity info to see how many are in the model.
    2, Always have the parent option dialog open with it showing the correct info when editing a sub or child, otherwise its going to jump to its own axis reference. You can redraw a parent to replace them to their correct position in advent of a mishap.

Groups can be problematic, especially if copied, or have some sort of scaling DC attached. I would have to inspect the file in order to pinpoint the problem, Usually its best to stick to components and have groups on the last nest level.

Are the components you are exploring DCs?

Please load a file, either here or to my private inbox and can inspect and hopefully give some recommendations

Good Morning Philip,

I converted all the groups in to components and the issue with displacement and automatically rescaling did no longer appear.
Thanks for the tip and below the result . . . a concrete pump fully dynamic as is the rest of the equipment in the picture