[SOLVED] Dynamic component resizing without resize option

I have a problem when making dynamic components (had this more often but not alweys)

When i make adjustments in the option screen of the component. the component starts resizing even though it doesnt have a resizing option build in yet.

resize alweys happens on the X-axis

C125.skp (1.6 MB)

to test just type random numbers and “apply”

normaly only the corners should move on the x-axis and Z-axis

if somoene knows a solution for this, plz let me know :wink:

sketchup 2018 (pro licence)

I’m not seeing it resizing when I change the values in the Component Options panel.

See this post:

Editing rail and style components

Screenshot evry time i change somthing. doesnt rly mather what i change

Wierd, my names are different in the outliner as in the component itself.

don’t use groups if you don’t name them, right after creation.
Editing the names in The Dynamic extension doesn’t work.

use components, instead, after all, the extension is called Dynamic Components…
best is to get rid of the DC -functionality by exploding, then make components of the group (and name them)

Thx for the help.

rly makes making DC’s alot easier when you use components :wink:

evrything works fine now. and my DC dident flip once.

C125.skp (634.7 KB)


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