Problem with dynamic components

Search for “Dynamic component interaction problem” in the warehouse and download the model. Interact with the top right drawer. It not only opens, but also moves one side, and stays there when you interact with it again to close it.

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Why not share the link instead of a search text with more than one results?

Because I was not aware that you could do that. Not that it helps much; you need to download the model into SU to see the problem, and I can’t see how to do that from your post.

click on “3D Warehouse” :wink:

From what I’ve learned here, the component axes might be unfavorable placed. Perhaps this has to do with the problem?

Thanks for the 3D warehouse prompt.

No, it’s not to do with the axes placement. The top right drawer is same as the top left one, which does not exhibit the problem.

I have just discovered that if you open the “wrapper” component (where the axes get set for the drawer instance) for the top right drawer (double click on the chest to open it, double click on the drawer to open the wrapper component), and then close both (single click twice in open space outside the chest) DOING NOTHING ELSE the problem goes away.

BTW how do you include the link?

Interesting, I can reproduce this. Could you keep this model on the 3D Warehouse? Maybe we can get someone from SketchUp to look at it. Opening then closing a DC should not have any effect on the behavior.

Dynamic Components do have a few bugs and can be fickle. Sometimes their behavior can be affected by how they are constructed.

Yes, I can leave it there. The whole point is that someone from SU should look at it.

From what I’ve learned here3, the component axes might be unfavorable placed. Perhaps this has to do with the problem?

This combined with some of the components being scaled -1 or flipped is likely the reason. Could also be an instance was simply scaled.

But just opening and closing the component must have updated something which fixed it, which makes me think there a bug.

I also noticed that at some point after digging down into the nested components something I did “fixed” the behavior to normal. What exactly I “fixed”? … I don’t have a clue but in both opened instances of SketchUp I had the same components, one of which worker ok, the other behaved odd.

I should add that the drawer functioned correctly when firs drawn/modelled. It was only while inspecting the model during actual construction that the problem surfaced. And no, I don’t know what I did to make it go wrong, in fact I’m pretty sure that I have done nothing except open, measure, hide pan, zoom etc. stuff and then close (without saving) for a good while.

It is a problem that I have come across several times before in other models of mine - I just haven’t been able to reproduce it reliably.

You only need to copy the address out of your browser and paste it in the post:

Why not share the link instead of a search text with more than one results?

Thanks Cotty.
Filler text to get to the 20 char minimum.

Interesting, I have experienced similar unexpected behavior.
Just adding the X attribute to the draw container causes it to work correctly also. (in addition to just examining the component in general)

Swapping sub-components sometimes causes formulas to change even after an undo, using two sub-components with the same name, setting dimensions to zero, etc… lots of things seem to produce unexpected results

Here I have a door that makes a double by creating a copy and the rotation interaction becomes unexpected:
Door Interior Style1 Single.skp (1.8 MB)

Also the options dialog box often is blank after editing a components attributes and saving a component by right clicking it and selecting “save as” seems to work erratically.

Why “save as” and then disregard user input and use the component instance name?
And also sometimes the component is saved exploded.

I have yet to figure out why there are three separate ways to name a component -Component Name, Definition, and then the attribute name is independent of these and there also seems to be an additional hidden name.

Out of interest, is anyone from SU looking at this? Or is it just users talking to each other here?

I have seen people around listed as SketchUp team members so i think that there is some monitoring. I also suspect that we are talking about already known issues.

I am having this problem too. It’s a component with several sub components that I want to move back and forth on the Y axis. It moves to the correct position but will not move back.

drawer hanger large
0,36” 36”
X 76.472"
Y =83.926"+travel
Z -0"
onClick animate(travel,0”,36”)
0” 36”
travel 0”

Please share the SketchUp DC component to test / investigate instead of the text.