Moving Components Problem

I pulled a few components from the warehouse and when I try to place them in my model they will move to random spots. Example: I try to place a door in an opening I created. I select the corner of the door and move it to the corner of the opening. When I click the mouse button the door moves clear across the model.
Thus has happened with several components off the warehouse/

This has happened to me many times. All I did was context click on the model and selected “unglue”. It seemed to work for me.

Unglue is grayed out

Maybe screwed up axes and origin in the component? There are a lot of reports of that in EW models…

OK. There were a few times that I had to move the object in increments. That is, I would move the window until it came in contact with the side of the window opening, then holding one of the arrow keys to lock in the direction, I would move the window say “down and over” to get the corner of the window to “attract” to the corner of the window opening. It is a pain when it happens, but it does not happen often.

The component may be geo located.

Could be a dynamic component, check if it has dynamic attributes

Yes it does have dynamic attributes. How do I correct or change them so I can place the part in the opening I created?

If you have SketchUp Pro, you can edit/delete them. Another way is to explode the component and then regroup it (if it doesn’t have multiple nested components)

I do have Pro
How do I edit the component and what am I looking for to correct the issue?

Right click the component, at the bottom you have Dynamic Component options: click on Attributes.

Then, you’re look at the X, Y, and Z coordinates.
They probably have a formula or a fixed number. So just click the textbox and delete it. That should allow you to then move the component around like usual.

Which set of attributes? There is a CUIFD, P, etc…

Take a screen shot (or upload, but I’m not at my computer so I can’t open a skp at the moment).

CUIFD, P aren’t standard attributes, the person made custom attributes.
Delete all the attitudes if you’re not using any of the dynamic options.

OR if you don’t need any of the dynamic functions for that model, you can just explode it until it’s basic geometry and regroup into a group. (unless it’s really big with a lot of copied components, in which case, it may add a significant amount to your file size)

The explode option is too complex with the part I have.
I started deleting CUIFD, P, etc… and after a while the whole part disappears.

I’m going to scratch the idea and try something different

It would help if you post a link to one of these components in the warehouse so we can determine what the issue is. Knowing the answer will help you even if you have moved to another option.

enter link description here

Marvin Ultimate Collection of Doors and Windows. The link I gave above is one of the components I’ve had trouble with

The component has Glue to Vertical and Cut Opening properties.

Import the component into your model and place it directly upon a vertical face.
And then Right Context Click on the component > Unglue if you wish to move it away from the plane of the face upon which it was placed.

I tried that, unglue is grayed out

Yes, it will be grayed out if you don’t bring the component into the model the right way.
Import the component into your model.
• Place it directly upon a vertical face.

Glue to properties work only one time; upon inserting the component.
If you park it in space and then move it again, the glue to magic is gone.