Sketchup problem random moving object


Hey sketchup community! now i’ve encountered a weird problem that I haven’t seen before but everytime i scale this object it moves to a different location and does not size in the same place. I dunno how else to explain it but the same was happening when I was moving the object to a specific point it would just move to a completely random location or just go back to its original location. Have any of you encountered this problem before? If so how would you fix it?


did you create it or downloaded it? can you share the object, quite likely its dynamic, or check its axis position


Sounds like a misbehaving dynamic component.I have made an extension that kills the dynamicness and turn dynamic components into regular components. However that may not be feasible if you need it to be dynamic.


I downloaded it yes and I checked the component and it is a dynamic one. So how would I be able to remove the properties put on it so that its just a regular component that I can edit and tweak to my likeings? I attached the file to here. P.S I have an older version of sketchup so if this gets reposted mind just downsaving to 2015? thanks. :slight_smile: File for editing.skp (769.8 KB)


I’m not sure if I really would need it to be dynamic as I always edit stuff that I take from warehouse! and honestly I’m not entirely sure what dynamic does since I’ve only used regular components.


Opps I forgot to mention that I’m a sketchup make user so I can’t even do dynamic components if I wanted to… haha


In SketchUp Make, you can use dynamic components, you just can create or reprogram them via the SketchUp GUI. @eneroth3’s extension does not rely on the GUI, so it can strip the “dynamicness” from a DC using the Ruby API.

Edit: I see the reason for confusion in @Steven_Napoli’s reply: I lost the 't from can’t in my post :flushed:. You can’t create or reprogram DC’s via the Make GUI.


slbaumgartner what exactly is sketchup GUI I haven’t heard of that before? Is it a way to reprogram this component so that it is a regular component? If so how would I do this?


GUI = graphical user interface. It is what you see when you run SketchUp.