Problem w/ Moving objects

I am just getting started w/ sketchup program and I am using the 2017 trial version. I am working on a HP Pavilion computer w/ windows 10. The system has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD graphics card mounted to the mother board and has 4GB of Ram. I have viewed several videos (Sketchup for woodworking) and it is really an great program to help me make sure I measure twice and cut once. If you know what I mean :wink:
I keep having some difficulties when trying to move an object. The object will twist from its current angle (ie) 90 degrees thus making it hard to line up against another object. I do not see this happening in the videos and I suspect it is because of the age of the computer and lower amount of RAM. Before I go off and either upgrade RAM or purchase a new computer I wanted to get input if this is the reason behind the issues I am experiencing, or am I just to much of an “Novice” and this will stop as I continue to learn.
Trimble management / ownership …. If you happen to read this … I wish I could afford the full / pro version however as a home user using it for projects around the house this not open for discussion with the family needs and just NOT in the budget at all !! If not upgrading to the “paid” programs is a problem w/ receiving help / suggestions I totally understand. if you happen to read this …. Why can’t you come out w/ an affordable version for the Homeworker / project maker???

Any suggestions for relief of this problem are greatly appreciated.

You need to learn how use groups and components, Start here at THE LEARNING CENTER

Can you post a screenshot or the model itself here. It very well could be a problem with not grouping geometry as @RLGL suggested, but it’s hard to guess from just your description.

DECK.skp (203.5 KB)

What’s with all the / ing. Please don’t.

Make sure when you are moving a group or component you don’t click on one of the red + symbols. Those are for rotating the component or group.

Typically if you are wanting to move something and you want to put it in an exact location, you should grab it at a point that has a definite destination. See below for an example.

As for SketchUp for "the Homeworker or project maker, there’s SketchUp 2017 Make and SketchUp Free. Both are free to use for your application. What more do you need?

very sorry … something I used in note taking and issuing. Did not mean to offend!

Not offended, just find it very annoying to read. And I always think a of w/ meaning without not with. Anyway, considering how much else you have written in longhand the abbreviation seems superfluous.

Dave R,

This might have been my problem, clicking on the red mark. :frowning: I will keep an eye on it…) as to the “free” version of 2017 I did not realize and was thinking all were “trials” if not “purchase” … I will check it out and go from there. Sorry for not looking before complaining !!

To all,
Thank you again for the quick responses … I really appreciate the help ! :slight_smile: