Advice for a newbie

I am re-organising my workshop and reckoned that Sketchup would be perfect for this.
I have created 3d objects (representing shelving / machinery / benches etc.) by making rectangles to the correct scale and pulling them up.
However I am having real problems moving them around. I had hoped that I could play with different layouts. Seeing how everything fitted together.
The trouble is, I can’t keep them discrete. They merge into one another. I also only seem to be able to move them on one plane. I’d like to be able to move them in 3 dimensions. Also - if I draw a floor plan, the shapes all seem to stick to it.
I am certain that there is a tutorial somewhere, but I haven’t found it through my searching (I probably don’t know the terms).
I’d be grateful to know

  1. Is Sketchup a good tool to use
  2. If it is - Am I being too ambitious? Or can someone direct me towards the appropriate help page / terms.

-You need to group objects, once they’re in groups, they won’t stick to each other.
-try tapping the arrow keys on your keyboard to force the objects to move in another axes, though you don’t have to do it. if you move your camera (point of view) around, you should be able to move object in any direction.
-youtube has a lot of good tutorials
-sketchup is great for layout planning

Thanks quanti
Appreciate this advice.
I’ve had a try.I’m having problems just grouping each object together - whatever I try to do, I seem to grab a bit of another object.
Should I start all over again and group the objects one at a time as I draw them?
Is that where I am going wrong?

I have seen the plethora of tutorials on Youtube.
It was a result of searching through these I decided to ask here for help.
I couldn’t find what to search for. Either to basic (how to make a 3d shape) or not what I needed.
Couldn’t think of correct search terms.


You have to group the geometry for one object before adding anything for another object. Once they have stuck together, the only way to get them apart again is to erase and start over.

both have lots of videos you can watch