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I have new questions.

1). Why cannot move and object once intersects another object (or can I solve it)?
I mean this:

2).Is it possible to recover a selection? You have selected certain things (objects, segments, I don’t care) if you missclick is there any way to recover the previous selection?

  1. Any suggestions about the fastest way to learn to use this program (as hobby)?
    I mean … I want understand how to do things in the less time possible, with practical exaercises or so.
    I’m not very demanding about what I want to reach, it’s just an entertaiment.
    I accept all suggestions, I liked the videos “getting started” from the official website, I think they explain lot of things in little time, it’s something like I’m looking for.

So far I’m following this book so far,
I’m on the page 111 and it has more than 800.

Thanks in advance


You can always “undo” to go back one step, or many steps. But I see you know that by your video. While selecting, you can hold down the shift key to add or subtract from the selected items. If something is selected, shift click will unselect it, if it’s not, shift click will add it to the selected group. Is this what you mean by recover previous selection?

Wait, watching your video again I wonder if you have explored groups and components. It seems to me this might be the source of your troubles. Only in rare intentional instances would you be moving raw geometry around, you need to be grouping objects together into units as soon as they are made or they will stick to everything else you make and be very difficult to select and move as a unit.

Start with your long rectangle with the half round top. Tripple left click on it to select all of it, then right click and choose make group.


You also asked about good places to learn SketchUp basics. I’d recommend the tutorials at There are several books and blogs as well.
Also, I’d strongly recommend making shapes into components, not groups. Two reasons: One, you can store components in a library that you set up. So if you regularly make models with the same parts–door hinges, or windows, or a particular pipe fitting, whatever–you can pluck the component from your library instead of drawing it from scratch. You can’t store and retrieve groups this way. Two, if your model has multiple copies of a component, any change you make to one copy of the component will instantly be reflected in all copies of the components. Groups don’t behave that way.


Thank you both, I didn’t do a group or component :slight_smile:


Great. Yes, working with groups and components is a key concept for progressing in sketchup. You can learn a lot about the difference between the two by searching groups vs components on this forum. They do behave differently and are useful in different ways.

Here’s the starting videos:


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