(Fixed) Tutorial questions

I’m going through the video tutorials. I’m on part 3 right now and I’m having trouble with what she’s explaining at about 4:50. She says to use the corner and move. The problem is that when I go to move, it only selects that the two intersecting lines (the literal corner) and moves only that, so it distorts the shape. I can click on the rectangle itself and move it fine. The problem with that method is that it is ignoring the vertical guides she had us create for accuracy. If I cannot align the rectangle with the guides, then the guides are useless.

Is this no longer the way it works and so is there another way? I believe this may be the case because in the very first video, she tells us to draw a rectangle. She says to click to start then click to end. That’s not true, at least for me it isn’t. I just click, drag and release. Her instructions didn’t work for me. It only makes a second rectangle, even if I wasn’t finished with the first.

I’m just trying to understand how to align those windows properly since I’ll be using this for woodworking.


I am SO angry at myself! I watched that section five times and missed using the select tool before the move each and every time. Phew! I feel much better. My OCD was bothering the heck out of me over that.

I’m glad you managed to figure it out. The devil is in the details, they say.

Just think. You learned another lesson there. That you can move just an endpoint if you need to. This can be useful in many ways.

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