Help with basics/move tool

Brand new user and attempting to follow Get Started video. Having trouble using move command to pull up roof. The line slides instead of pulling up what am I doing wrong. Sorry for such a basic question!


You probably need to use the inference keys. Press the “up arrow” on your keyboard then move the line straight up. The up arrow locks the move tool on the vertical (blue) axis. The left arrow key locks the green axis and the right arrow key locks the red axis. You don’t need to hold down, just tap once before you make the move. Hope this helps.

The ridgeline must be exactly square with sides and ends of the roof. You must use inferencing to keep your lines square. Perhaps the easiest way to draw the ridgeline is simply to connect the mid-points of the two short ends. Using the Line tool, first hover over the approximate middle of one of the short ends. When you see the inferencing feedback–a cyan dot and the tooltip “Midpoint”–click the point. Then draw the same way to the midpoint of the opposite end. The ridge of the roof should now pull straight up. (You could tap the up arrow to lock movement in the vertical direction, but it shouldn’t be necessary.)

After a while, using one form of inferencing or another (there are many) will feel more natural, and your lines will always be on-axis.


Incidentally, @RodTJoseph, this wasn’t actually the right section of the forum for your question. This is where people post tutorials for the use and benefit of others. Yours was just a garden variety SketchUp question, and it should have gone in the SketchUp section.

No big deal.

That’s it! Thanks for your help and have a great day… Rod

Thanks! All I needed was the up-arrow! Also thanks for Forum help too… Have a great day! Rod

Well good, but if you need the up arrow, you’re doing it wrong. As I said, your ridgeline is skewed.

Observe: no arrow keys were used in this move operation: