Problems with roof


I’m new to Sketchup and I’m having issues creating a simple roof.
Attached are two photos showing the problem.

My Process:

  • Create simple house shape. Use push-pull tool to create 2-D.
  • Main roof: Draw line staring at midpoint of one side ending at midpoint of other side.
  • Secondary roof repeat process.
  • Draw roofline folds. secondary roof
  • Hold down shift key select main blue guide lines. Select move tool and select the points where the blue lines intersect. Pull up while holding down the command key. (I’m using a Mac)

As you can see the roof is not cooperating.

Any Ideas?


Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…



It’s easier than that. Select the edges along the roof peak, select the Move tool, move straight up along Blue axis. You can do this anywhere, just so long as you define a vertical path of the requisite distance.

It’s pretty easy to Move straight along an axis–you should be able to do this simply with Blue inferencing, no axis lock is necessary.

Take a look:



Thank you!

What I’m quickly learning is using the axis when drawing any object.
When I forget and ignore the axis is where I can encounter problems.


Paying attention to the axes and to inferencing in general is the single most important thing you can do to ensure your geometry is true and clean. You must use inferencing every time you click the mouse to define a point, or the point won’t be in the right place.



Remember that the arrow keys can constrain to an axis (blue = up or down) Hit the arrow once to constrain the cursor to this axis and again to unlock it.

You can also click at an approximate size (or any size in the correct direction), then type in an exact value to move/draw the edge/end point/surface