Surface merging problem

I’m using the sketchup elements tutorials on sketchup site. My problem is when I bring two surfaces together sometimes they will not merge. I can’t proceed further in the tutorial until I figure it out. The first picture of the over hanging roof will not merge with the lower one so I can bend the tip back to make it . I’ve redone the sketch 3 time from scratch all end the same way the upper roof just retracks without merging. examine the pictures and I have included my file. thanks in advance for any help.

I don’t know the tutorial but I think what was intended is that you move the end point f the higher ridge to go over the lower ridge. You move the ridge end toward the other and you see a red indicator line , press down the shift key, move the cursor to be over the near face of the lower ridge and it should snap. That means that the endpoint you moved and so the whole end face (gable) of the larger roof lies now on the plane of the lower roof. Then the face will also be bisected by the lower ridge edge, and so the upper overhanging triangle is created and can be manipulated again, this time making the reverse movement but hovering over the opposite plane of the lower roof to find the snap (“constrained on line intersect plane”).

A problem may be that back in the first place the wall of the large wing is not lined up with the wall at lower wing so --but I don’t think that’s the issue or otherwise how else would you have made the lower edge of that first triangle?

What exactly the shift key does in this case IDK-- because the movement is already constrained along the axis, but as in some other operations, it seems to establish the horizontal movement and allow SU to make the next inference, in this case the intersection with a plane.

you are correct in the statement of the problem. I did include the work file in my post I don’t know if they allowed the upload. the link to the tutorial is below and a copy of my file. Any guess as to how to correct it?..give my file a look and see if it does it for you…thanks so much for trying to help…so fast!

12-Inference Locking 2-Roof Practice.skp (96.6 KB)

Somehow you moved the face of the gable back (by push-pull ?) so it does not share an edge with the lower roof face, so it can’t lie down and merge. In the picture the gable is red the roof face is greenish and the blue strip of face should not be there. You can remedy that by using the same point-moving motion at the top vertex of the face .but this time, snap it to one of the lower vertices so that it is again vertical. Then pushpull it to the eave of the lower roof, eliminating that extra strip.

So I hope you understand, you can move that point back and forth, press shift and choose any inference you wish, a face, a vertex, sometimes align it to an edge. In this case the vertex “wants” to stay on axis because of the faces of the roof confining it. Yet pressing shift down while moving allows you to invoke the other inferences, according to where you place your cursor.

I did a moving version of what @pbacot has shown.

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Yeah, I didn’t bother because I knew Box would. He just moved the edge back in place. Simpler really.

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pbacot and Box thank you so much for the help…been looking for the problem for 3 days(newby). Both your skills are beyond impressive. Thanks for being a part of the community. If either of you are running for president you have my vote.

I think @Box might have a hard time doing that. AFAIK he’s Australian, or at least lives in Australia.

Box for PM! No I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

You’re welcome, Chucky. May you enjoy SketchUp. The things on the videos DO work so if it just seems wrong, ask a question here.