Moving up on the blue axis

I use sketch up predominantly for landscape plans, taking the site layout from the council overhead satellite map view.I’m having trouble using the move tool to pop the roof line on the house. It will grab a line or junction, but only move along the red or green axis, not upwards on the blue. Any hints?

I can think of a few possible reasons for this sort of thing. Share an example SKP file so we can see and tell you exactly why it’s happening for you.

As a guess Tap the up arrow or alt to get it moving on the blue. But as Dave says a model or at the very least an image would help.

It might be a component that is “glued” to the x-y axes , try a context click and “unglue” and see if can be moved up.

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sko file?

No. SKP file. The SketchUp model file that is created when you hit Save.

He said the SKP file - the SketchUp model-file.

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