Move tool blue axis

I’ve been trying to lock an object onto the blue axis. I clicked on the object with the move tool and then hit the up arrow. The object does not lock onto the blue axis. I can lock onto the red and green axes. Any suggestions. Thank you.

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Any chance the object is a glue-to component?

Tapping the up arrow locks the direction of Move to vertical (up or down in the direction of the blue axis ).

It doesn’t lock the destination of the move on to the blue axis, which is what your original post suggests you expected. Is that what you wanted to do, or have I misunderstood the words you used?

Or Steve may be right - if you want it to move up or down, but it won’t, it might be a glue-to horizontal component, or a dynamic component forced to z= 0.

The unglue worked. Thank you.