Objects do not stick to axis when moving



In previous versions, most recently 2016, I am able to hold left, right, up or down arrow keys to move a selected object on it’s axis. i.e. To move an object on the Red axis I hold the right arrow key while dragging with the Move tool.
In 2017 this is not working. I have checked all the related factors- enabled Length and angle snapping. OpenGL is set to the default 4x anti-aliasing plus Use fast feedback is turned on.
These settings are the exact settings I have been using for years and this feature has worked fine.
Any ideas or things I can check or is this a bug?


click arrow to lock, click different arrow to change, click same again to unlock…

start move hold shift to lock…

does that not all work?



Thanks but no, that does not work. One other note is I retained the install of 2016. Though I do not believe that has any impact on this feature as all other features work as expected. PS: I have GL version 4.5


I don’t think anything was deliberately changed about this from 2016 to 2017 - at least it behaves exactly the same on my Mac.

Re what John wrote, I think you have to select the move tool, click something, and move the cursor to start the move before you press one of the arrow keys. But once you get the lock, you don’t have to hold the arrow key down. Holding it doesn’t cause an error, it just isn’t necessary.

In contrast, if you start a move along an inferred direction and press shift to lock the move to that direction, you do have to hold down the shift key until you complete the move.


Guys, thanks.

Just an FYI: I have been using SketchUp since 2011 and I have never used the shift key to “Lock” the movement.
I have always just held down a direction key while moving with the mouse in the desired axis direction.
I have tried the shift key now and it still shows no solution to the issue.

I am going to remove 2016 and see if that makes a difference. Will let you know.


Removing all instances of SketchUp and re-installing 2017(latest version) did not fix.
I’ll just keep using 2016 but thanks anyway!


You shouldn’t hold down any direction key to lock to one of the three axes.
The direction keys toggle to locking to a specific axis on/off.
See answers above.
Holding down one of these keys may be your problem.

Holding down the [Shift] key for locking only works when you see the colored R or G or B, indicating the direction at that moment, or when locking to any existing edge or face or guide.



did you resolve this problem? as one of my co-workers is now having the same problem on his computer.




It’s just a toggle thing. Don’t hold the cursor key. Click the tool, click to start it then press and release the appropriate cursor key to look the direction.