Locking to axis problem

Beginner here…If I want to move an object along a certain axis, is the only way I can do it by moving along that axis a bit getting the coloured guideline then pressing the arrow key? I can do that but I will often move the object in the wrong driection slightly before getting onto that axis. Is there anyway I can lock the object onto an axis to move while it is still stationary, then moving it up and down the axis? Thanks

You need to at least click on the object before you lock the move direction but you don’t have to actually move the object first. If you discover you’ve pressed the wrong cursor key, press the correct one. You can change it mid-move.

Thanks a lot. I often find I accidently move the mouse when I have to click on the object and that moves the object of course. Theres nothing I can do for that is there? Apart from be more careful!

Also when you change between the axis locks the object seems to jump. Any ideas? Thanks

Lets say you have asked SketchUp to move an object some ways along the Red axis (based on the current cursor position on the screen) and then you ask SketchUp to switch the movement constraint to the Green or Blue axis. The same on-screen cursor position will generally correspond to different distance along that new axis as compared to the distance along the original axis. Ergo, SketchUp jumps the object to the new distance along the new axis. Is that what you mean? This is by design.