Binding to Axes

I was wondering if it is possible to lock movement to certain axes.

Basically I want to be moving objects on a face. I would like to lock the objects so that they can’t move off that face. I know you can create axes for that face, but you could still move it along the Z axis pulling it off the face.

If I am not explaining this right please let me know.


This can be done via judicious use of inferences and where you click to choose the move reference point. But if you want to get fancy, you can select a face and use right-click->Align Axes to temporarily change the model axes to align with the face. Then the usual right and left arrow keys will lock movement to those axes, which are now in the plane of the face. When done, you right click on an axis line and select reset. And, of course, if the “objects” are components, you can set their glue-to behavior.

…or just hover over a face and tap the down arrow.

Okay, so I realize I didn’t exactly explain this right. Here is my example to help.

Let’s say I want to lock that circle so that I can’t do this:

Is that something possible?

So what you really want is to prevent the circle from sliding off the rectangle? This would require some sort of collision detection which SketchUp doesn’t have natively.

That would be helpful, but aside from that, would it be possible to lock to certain axes?

Like make it impossible to pull that circle up on the blue axis, make it possible to only move side to side.

That’s easily done. Make the circle a component and give it gluing attributes. Then it’ll only move parallel to the face it is glued to.

What you are asking is not to lock to certain axes, thereby excluding one, but to lock to a cetyain plane.
As Dave mentioned, make the circle a component that is glued to that specific face and the plane the face is in.

Otherwise, movements can be locked to a face (and its plane) by holding down [Shift] when moving.
This is for individual case and/or ungrouped geometry.