Object not 'sticking' to green axis when arrow key pressed once to lock

Hi all

I’ve come across an unusual behaviour that is puzzling me. When I move objects, I use the arrow keys, press once to lock, and then move the object as required along the axis. It works fine 99% of the time.

For some reason, this isn’t working for this one particular object/file. The green axis isn’t ‘sticking’.

I’ve attached the file and a video. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is this a bug? Is there a way to overcome it?

Thanks in advance for any help that can provided.

Thank you.


Gate.skp (297.9 KB)

The .skp file doesn’t look like what you show in the video. How about sharing that file instead?

The thing you are trying to move is an image. It’s glued to the face you inserted it on. You can only move it parallel to the face. Why are you using an image for that? Why not use it as a texture instead?

And then, if you want to move the door, don’t open the group for editing. Move the whole thing.

Hi Dave

Thanks for your help. Attached is the original.

I understand now. What I was trying to do was copy the image file to the reverse side of the gate, so that it appears gate-like on both side. I’m aware I may not be doing this in a way that is best practice, so appreciate any guidance that can be afforded.

When I insert the gate image as a texture, it cuts off the top of the gate to fit.

By inserting as an image, I can insert it, fit to width and then scale it using the centre scale point to fit the gate height.

Many thanks.


Gate 2.skp (549.4 KB)

Better practice would be to apply the image as a texture to the faces. In this case, since you have the image in place inside the group, right click on it and it will become a material. Then get the Paint Bucket tool press Alt to sample the texture, orbit around to the opposite side and apply it. I’ve done that here.

After you apply the image to the face, you can either edit the dimensions of the texture image in the Materials panel or right click on the material, choose Texture>Position and resize the texture with the pins.
Screenshot - 10_18_2021 , 5_46_14 AM

You really should get in the habit of applying textures to faces, too, and not to the group containers.

Thanks Dave, I’ve learnt some valuable stuff there. I’ll do this from now on. Many thanks.

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