Misleading color by [Arrow Key] locking when moving a 'Glue to' component

Hi @Mark, in SketchUp free locking to an axis by using an [Arrow] key may lead to inconsistent coloring in case of trying to move a ‘Glued to’ component perpendicular to the gluing face.

Example: component glued to face in ground plane.
Clicking [Arrow Up] leads to color blue but should remain black. There is no way that the moving direction is in the blue direction. Blue indication isn’t parallel to the blue axis.

Maybe this is the same in the desktop version but right now I’m “playing” with the free version on a Chromebook.

added: Same thing happens in the desktop version for all three colors, even when the colors are not relevant. (i.e. should remain black). Apparently this has always been the case. One wouldn’t even notice it if you know what goes on with ‘Glued to’ components: fixed to a face’s plane.