How to move the component in the direction of its blue axes when the component position its not straight?

I’am trying to find how to do it on youtube but I cant find…

one time I saw a colegue from university doing this by only pressing a keyboard shortcut… :thinking:

up arrow on your keyboard while moving. left and right will force red and green, up is blue

it works with pretty much every tool, lines, rectangles, circles, rotation…

This I know but I need it to follow only its own axes. Not the file axes.

I made a box as a example in the video. I need to lock direction in the blue axes but in the diagonal way

Different ways.
The most simple way is:

  • hover with the ‘Move’ tool (and nothing (or the box itself) selected) over an edge of your box that represents the desired direction
  • press and hold [Shift]
  • (if not yet selected, select the box) and start moving the box. (look for the magenta inference direction).

More enhanced method for complex groups and components:

  • open the object for editing
  • save a scene with the current object’s axes
  • close the object
  • go to that saved scene to automatically get its (object’s) axes
  • move the object while locking movements to the desired axis with the [arrow] keys
  • (reset axes)

Dbl click into the component (edit mode) and reset the component axis to blue being vertical. It’s like at some angle relative to your component and not the typical SU axes.

Every component has it’s own axes that gets automatically created. If you look at the create component dialogue there’s a checkbox that allows for manual reset of the axes before you hit CREATE.

If you don’t reorient the axes manually, it could be anything. You 'll need to either find or create the axes you want the component to have in order to reset it.

Look at SU HELP for more on the tool


draw a line on the box that is straight and move along that line then erase the line

I thought of that also, Should work as well. Good call.

The box is an example to clarify the problem. The OP is trying to move more complex components with no obvious blue oriented geometry. See first post…

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It’s not me having questions on how to use tools.
Look where I said: ( reset axes ). That was being outside the objects editing context. Furthermore, I wrote that in parenthesis. For one might still want to continue with the temporarily created drawing axes (retreaved from a rotated object’s local axes but now saved outside in a scene) and thus different from the systems axes that one would get back after the (reset).

Hence my answer: different ways. Simple, simple, simple…
… but in case of OP’s first video where there is no edge obviously indicating the direction but the objects axes (OP’s wish): see my second answer for more complex objects

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I like the idea of drawing a vertical line on blue and using as a guide to move the object.

No need to be kirt. Just trying to help.

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Nothing wrong with that! A line vertex to vertex or whatever selected locations to draw the line (guide or edge).

Borrowing the local object’s axes into a different modeling context (whether one level up or later inside some other object) through a ‘Saved Scene’ is an often forgotten option.

Tell me more about the Borrow an axis from another object thru a saved scene. I love using scenes in unique manners. Maybe a vid?

Draw a line a straight line in the direction you want move everything Select everything you want to move and use the straight line as a guide. That might work , No?

You can draw an and then follow it with the Move tool but there should be no need for the extra work especially if you are moving the selection on axis.