Move Component Along ITS Axes

What method can be used in the GUI to Move a Component along one of its internal Axes, rather than along the Model Axes?

You could place a guideline to follow.

If there is an edge somewhere along theaxis (either within or outside of the component) you can hover that edge with move tool, hold down enter and then click on it to have inference lock to it.

General solution:

  • open component.
  • save a scene, thus saving its local axes > close the component again.
  • select the scene to retreave the local axes as the new drawing axes.
  • move the component along the current axes (equal to the component’s axes).
  • (reset the axes).

Hold down Shift, surely?

If you select only one component, the context menu offers you to return along an axis of the component.
If you select more than one component, the context menu offers you to return along an axis of the model.

In the context menu, a keyboard shortcut to choose to return “along an axis of the model” instead of “along a component axis” would be fine.

Yes, of course. My bad.

  1. Select what you want to move with select tool.
  2. Switch to move tool.
  3. Hold the mouse over an edge that goes in the direction you want to move in (but don’t click it yet).
  4. Hold down Shift.
  5. Click the edge and start moving.

This all takes a fraction of a second when you have gotten used to it. It’s much faster than creating (and then deleting) scenes or using the context menu.

A quick demo of @eneroth3 directions.

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Fredo6 has a plugin that does that and more, without needing to hold shift or havong a paricukar edge inside the component:

Move Along (inside Fredotools)

So it’s quicker to invoke a plugin?

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It’s an available option. I’m not judging any option. This particular plugin helps in a lot of scenarios.

Thanks for the suggestions, all!

eneroth3 - your method is the simplest and most intuitive for me.

And it works when the case is not even what I had so poorly stated, since the Move may need to occur along a Feature (Edge) of the Component that is not along an Axis.


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