Blue cross instead of axis

I’m using SU 2017 and somehow I managed to set axes in a very peculiar way, so that instead of blue axis I have a blue cross.


When I try to move the component along the blue axis (lock on it using the up arrow), it gets locked in the horizontal plane instead. This is kinda cool concept – it would be AWESOME if we could lock to planes that are perpendicular to the axes, eg. using Shift+Arrow. But this time it’s useless and buggy.

How moving along blue line should not look like (the blue line marks the displacement – it moved the component horizontally along the line):


I attached the original file:
Ubytovna 5.skp (1.5 MB)

You have a component with the “glue to” behavior, and it is glued to some horizontal surface. You can right-click and choose “unglue” to free that instance. You can also turn off the behavior permanently by editing the component’s properties in the components window.

Most likely the component’s contents were sitting on a non-content face when you created it. In that situation you need to pay attention when the create component dialog appears, and set glue-to to "none ". This is a lot like the "replace selection with component " checkbox.

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