Component Axes (for use in DC)

Using Sketchup Pro 2019 on a MAC …

I have a simple cabinet (made of component parts) with Width on Red Axis, Depth on the Green and Height on the Blue.

I select the parts and create a component.
I context click … choose Change Axes to move the axis to the back-left corner (to assist in future placement).

I set the red and green axis … but the blue axis is facing “down” (i.e. away from the cabinet).
I cannot seem to figure out how to get the blue axis to face up? And, if I context-click and select the blue axis to adjust - then one of the other axis points “away” from the cabinet.

The help page says “pay attention to the other axis” … I cannot seem to get the “other axis” to go in the intended direction!

Make either the red or the green axis run in the opposite direction from what you did. Then the blue axis should point up.

Understood; however, I’d like all THREE axes to point in my intended direction. For example, on the component parts, I want the blue axis to “originate” on the bottom of the part and point “up” … the green axis to point along the edge I intend to be “with the grain” and the red axes to point along the part for the edge that will be “against” the grain. That way, when I export to CNC the parts - they are all aligned properly AND in my DC “math”, the numbers will make logical sense. By logical sense, I mean that (with the Blue axis pointing down) the height of the cabinet is a negative number …

That’s just not the way the axes work in SketchUp.

Maybe you need to find a different corner for the component origin, then. Of course that will screw with the DC math for positions of the parts so you’ll have to fix that math.

My workaround for the component parts was to create the component as a single face … then set the axis for that component with the blue axis in the “wrong” direction. Then, I flipped the part along the Blue Axis and extruded the face to the proper depth. Now, I have a part with the axis all going correctly. Was hoping for a similar workaround on a component made from multiple parts …

That sounds like a lot of unneeded work but if it gets the job done for you…

Check this:

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