How to alter axis orientation in a component

I have a component that has blue axis facing the wrong direction. Everything I try does nothing. I don’t actually need the component to be flipped I just want to change the orientation as it is build correctly. One problem I think I have is that I have not grouped the components yet as I have combined them.

Thanks for any info to help!

Right Click on the closed component and select Change Axes, then click on the appropriate spot and the directions you want.

Thank you! Guess I need to stop using my trackpad for mac.

Modelling without a three button scroll wheel mouse is very limiting in sketchup.

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Thank you for the heads up. I have both side by side. I will steer away from track now on.

what part are you having trouble with using a trackpad? the right-click? that’s a two-finger click on a trackpad.

Thank you Jeff! I prefer the fluid actions of the pad over roll mouse.