'Flip Along' Shortcut for Sketchup Web?

Is there a ‘flip-along components __ axis’ shortcut for SketchUp web?

There aren’t any default keyboard shortcuts for Flip Along in any SketchUp version. I just looked to see if I could set them in SketchUp Shop and it doesn’t appear to be an option to add your own. I have shortcuts for six of the nine Flip Along commands in SketchUp Pro.

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Ok, thanks… It would be really nice if there was because my current process for doing this is opening the component for editing to see which way the red and green axis are facing, then I close the component, right-click and press flip along, and then choose whatever which direction I want.

That would imply that you are using a desktop version of SketchUp at the moment.
Why do you need it in the web version then?

Unless you are rotating the components after creation, the component axes would normally be parallel to the model axes. No need to open them then.

Why do you say that? There’s nothing in his description that implies that to me.

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My bad, it’s just the custom keyboard shortcuts that is missing, not flip along!!
More cafeïne needed I guess…:grin:

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