Hotkeys assign for FLIP ALONG tool in Sketchup 2022

It was always available to assign your own hotkeys for component “Flip Along” (BLUE, GREEN, RED)
In 2022 I can’ find this option.
Please, assist.

Note that to see the context menu options in the Shortcuts dialog, you have to have a suitable object selected.

Still is but you have to have something selected in the model that would result in the flip along commands being show in the Context menu before you open Preferences. Same as always.

There are nine Flip Along Commands, three for multiple selections, three for groups, and three for components. To set shortcuts for each of those three you need to select the appropriate stuff.

Here I have a component selected.
Screenshot - 5_19_2022 , 8_02_47 AM

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Thank you so much :+1:, I missed this listing. Searched in a wrong area!