Mirror tool (flip along axis) missing in shortcut preferences

I was setting up my shortcut preferences in my new office and I cannot find the flip along shortcut options. I remember it being edit/(component or group)/flip along (green, blue, or red). Has the path changed? I have tried searching in the filter keywords (flip, mirror, component, group, red, green, blue) and cannot find anything similar to what I had been creating my shortcut with in the past. I am using sketchup pro 2016.

You can still set keyboard shortcuts for the Flip Along commands. It’s the same as always. For context menu items, you need to have something selected that would make that item show in the menu. So if you want to set Flip Along shortcuts for components, select a component and then open Preferences and set the shortcut. If you want to set Flip shortcuts for groups, select a group.


Many actions in SketchUp are only available through a context menu - select something, then right click. To find these and set up a shortcut, you have to have a selection to which the action is appropriate. Thus:

To assign a shortcut to flip along axis, use the select tool and click on an object, then, while it is selected, go to your shortcut preferences, search for it - (I think you’ll find it) - and assign the desired shortcut.

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