Unable to add shortcut for flip along group's axes

In SU2019, I am able to add shortcuts for ‘flip along COMPONENT’S red, green and blue axes’. However the option to add shortcuts for ‘flip along GROUP’S red, green and blue axes’ is not available. Are you able to add this into the next update as it is a real time saver for my workflow (I know it doesn’t sound like much). Thanks.

Did you select a group first?

To set shortcuts for anything that shows up in the Context menu, you first need to select a thing that would make that option show in the menu.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Thanks for that Dave, selecting the object type first did work a treat - but I found out that you also have to click away from the ‘Shortcuts’ tab in the SU Preferences and then click back in to effect the change in the available Context Menu.

Thanks for the reminder re: the profile too, have just updated. I’m on SU2019 on MacOS Mojave.

Yes. I generally select the entity before I even open the Preferences window so that’s not an issue.

Thanks for updating your profile.