Is there any way to add single shortcut for flip along for object/component/group?

I wanna use CTRL+Up Arrow for flip along blue axis, CTRL+Left Arrow for green axis etc. But you cant assaign same shortcut for 3 options. Is there any way to make that?

I don’t think so. I used F2 for Flip Along>Component’s Red, F3 for Component’s Green, and F4 for Component’s blue. And Shift F2, F3, and F4 for Red direction, green direction, and blue direction. I’ve never bothered to set up shortcuts for flipping groups because I don’t use them in my modeling.

The problem is that Ctrl is a modifier key that takes away one of the bits in the ASCII code. The arrow keys already don’t use that bit, and so Ctrl has no effect.

Alt-arrow key should work.

I don’t use them very often too but when you want to mirror and rotate a furniture for example instead of going through 5 buttons you can only do it with 2 buttons. And efficiency is key i think.

If the furniture is a component, I can mirror it with one button. :slight_smile:

But you need to assaign Alt-up for 3 different commands But you can’t. Thats the main question.
Edit/Item/Flip along/Blue Direction
Edit/Item/Flip along/Components Blue Direction
Edit/Item/Flip along/Groups Blue Direction

Yes I use extensions for mirror, but flip along does it in same position . If you use mirror in that case you need to find middle point it group has any so it will slow down in some situations

I didn’t say anything about using an extension to mirror a component. I use Flip Along for that.

One button flips the selected component.

Is that works in groups-non groups? What is that?

I used my keyboard shortcut for Filp Along>Component’s Red.

This is with the keyboard shortcut for Flip Along>Red Direction with a bunch of entities selected.

So you just use different shortcuts. I already mapped almost all of my buttons, so I need 9 keyboard combinations instead of 3. I write this in AutoHotKey

#IfWinActive ahk_exe Sketchup.exe
Sleep , 0
Sleep , 0

Sleep , 0
Sleep , 0
Sleep , 0
Sleep , 0

so I basically added CTRL+F17 SHIFT+F17 ALT+F17 for blue axis in groups objects and components (f18 for green and f19 for red) When you press F10 F11 F12 in sketchup it automatically flips without knowing if its group component or non group

hm. the Mac version does not list these commands for shortcuts, it seems.

To see some of the shortcuts in Preferences you have to be in the right context. In this case you have to have something selected to see the “flip along” shortcut commands.

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Yes, it does (I have them set up). But they are context-sensitive and won’t show in the shortcut preferences unless something appropriate is selected in the model. This is true of all context-sensitive items.

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right… learned something new here.