Key shortcut for "mirror tool" (Flip along axis)


I tried to set some keys shortcuts to work with "Flip along Red (or Green or Blue) Direction, but when I did that I discovered that are 3 (THREE) kinds to flip objects: “exploded objects”, “groups” and “components”, so now I have 9 (nine) key shortcuts to do it according with the kind of the Entity.

There is a way to set just 3 key shortchuts to do it for all kind of entitys?



You sure you need a shortcut? Legal Flip along options are on the right-click context menu for applicable objects, so you don’t even have to take your hand off the mouse.



There isn’t a way to do it with just three keys without using modifiers. Although Gully has a good point about using the Context menu items, I like keyboard shortcuts for the Flip commands.I use F2, F3, and F4 for flipping components and Shift-F2, Shift-F3, and Shift-F4 when I want to flip multiple entities. (It’s the same Flip along commands for flipping loose geometry and multiple components. I don’t have any use groups so I haven’t setup shortcuts for them but if I were going to do that, I would use Ctrl-F2 and so on.

Since these keys are on the opposite end of the keyboard and I can hit them with just my left hand, I don’t need to remove my hand from the mouse to use them.


If your right handed :slight_smile:


I’m left handed but use the mouse with my right hand.


I guess the best way to do my workflow faster is to use the key shortcuts or combination of them.
If what matter is the agility, it should exist just one option to flip each direction for the objects (groups, components or alone entities), because no matter what the object is, but what the tool is able to do.