Assiging keyboard short cut: Flip options


Hello, I am trying to find the options to assign shortcut keys for flipping a copy in any of the three axes. I have scrolled through Shortcuts from Window> Preferences> and it takes a bit of time and did not see them listed. Nor thought Camera, Edit or View Tabs. The author of the video I have been studying mentioned directly he has set shortcuts for it. As it is for wood working // cabinets and flipped component copies are a must to edit correctly. I sent him an email and waiting on a reply… I am using 2015 Pro and was guesting that he may have an earlier version?? So they may have removed it or was found in SU 8 and back??

It is accessed, listed by a right click option when at least the bounding edges and face are high-lighted. Then placing the cursor on FLIP ALONG produces the three axes selection(s) //options. JUST wondering if he mis-spoke of it, or am I just missing something. I have scrolled through shortcuts 3 times and don`t see it. Thanks for any insight…Peace…


When looking for a shortcut for something that appears in the right click context menu you must have something selected that is able to do the thing you want.
So select a component then go look in the shortcut list.


GOT IT!!..Thanks!! I did not see the forest through the trees as I, in a sense answered my own question in my explanation. I deselected the bounding edges/face and then opened Window>Preference…BONG…