Rotate 90 degrees

Is there a short cut to rotate an object (group or component) 90 degrees about the blue axis? I am using the rotate tool which is fine but it is an operation I do a lot and would like a shortcut.

I think there’s an extension that could do it. It’s called Rotate 90

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Use the ‘Move’ tool on a red grip


Thank you DaveR, that is what I need.

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Have just downloaded that to try it out. I know it’s not necessarily designed to work with the current version of SU, but it works in an unexpected way. You can choose one or more groups/components, right click, and see the rotate options in the context menu. But if you choose copies of components that have already been rotated, rotate is no longer an option. Also, there seems to be no way of creating a shortcut as it doesn’t appear in the preferences list (despite what is suggested).

I may of course be doing something wrong…

Simon, did you have a selected group before assigning that shortcut?

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I’m not seeing this in SU2019. I still get the Rotate 90 option after selecting copies of components that have been rotated.

As for the shortcuts, it’s the same as applying shortcuts for any other Context menu items. You need to have something selected in the model that would cause the menu item to appear in the Context menu.

I used the attached simple drawing to test the extension. If you try selecting all, the option to rotate disappears. Not sure why.

Yes, that does seem to solve that problem. Thanks to you Dave and @mihai.s.

Bend.skp (646.6 KB)

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I don’t think you’d want to rotate the groups in that model using that tool, anyway. Since it rotates each group or component about its own center, it would scramble the pipe elbow and it wouldn’t be usable. As a nested group or component, it works just fine.
Bend comp.skp (615.1 KB)

Simon, if you want to rotate more than one group, then you must add by selecting each group in addition, not all at once.

Thanks again to both @DaveR and @mihai.s for showing me how this extension is meant to work. Very helpful.