Rotate 90 Keyboard Shortcut Not Functioning in SketchUp Version 23.1.139 Update?


I’ve recently updated to version 23.1.139, and I’ve noticed an issue with the ‘Rotate 90’ keyboard shortcut. Previously, this shortcut worked perfectly in all three axes (X, Y, and Z), but it now only functions in the Z-axis. This keyboard shortcut has been an essential productivity tool for me in SketchUp.

While the ‘Rotate 90’ option still works fine through the right-click menu, but it is a lot slower than using a single keyboard key press.

I suspect that this extension may no longer be compatible with the latest SketchUp version.
Is there a way to restore its functionality, or are there any alternative solutions available?

Thank you very much for your help.

SketchUp Rotate object with Keyboard - YouTube

It´s a known bug some characters keys like the one you chose(/), aren’t working if you assign as a shortcut, try assigning a shortcut using only letters, you can use Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys together with a letter if you have already used all the letters for other shortcuts, at least until an update fixing this and other bugs is released.


Hi @francisquitof

I appreciate your help once again.

Yes ! the problem arises from certain symbol characters not functioning in the new version.
However, when I attempted to use regular letters instead, it started working again.

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I am having a similar problem. Before updating I used the i,j,and k keys for shortcuts to rotate a component around one of its axes. Now I get a beep noise telling me it doesn’t work. When I go to settings/ shortcuts, the old rotate component options are not there. When I try to use one of my old i,j or k keys for another shortcut it tells me the key is being used already for Edit context menu flyout/rotate 90. But looking through the list of tools I do not see “Edit context menu flyout/rotate 90” as a tool. And nothing on the list has any of the i,j or k keys assigned. Please help! This is driving me crazy as I use this rotate component shortcut often. Thank you, LT

First of all, are you selecting something to rotate before trying to assign or use the shortcuts? Those shortcuts are context-sensitive (as you can see from the path "Edit context menu flyout/rotate90) and won’t work without something selected.

Yes. I select. It turns blue. Then I usually hit my shortcut key and it rotates. But now it just beeps.

Looking back at Kwin’s post, it appears that you may be looking at the wrong shortcut path. He shows “Edit/Item/Rotate 90/Around Green” etc. See if you can find that.

That is the path it used to be under, That no longer exists in my list. When I try assigning my old shortcut key “i” to a new shortcut as a test, this is the message I get. “The shortcut [I] is already assigned to /Edit/Context Menu Flyout/Rotate 90/Around Blue” Then when I search the list, there are many “Edit/Context Menu Flyout” options, but the rotate ones are not there. Also nowhere in the list does it show my keys i,j or k being used, but they seem to be assigned to the right shortcut when I test them on others, its just that the shortcut does not work and does not show up in my shortcut box list.

Kwin is on Windows platform. It looks as though the menu path names are a bit different on MacOS.

Again, we must stress that in order for edit context plugin items to show up in the shortcuts list, the edit situation must currently exist whilst you are looking at the list. This means that you must have a rotatable group or component instance selected when looking at the list and to assign a shortcut to the plugin command.

If it does not, perhaps the plugin is not loading.

After much google searching and reading about version '23 bugs I found nothing addressing my issue specifically. I have given up and gone back to '22. It still works fine there. Thank you for your time. hopefully it will be fixed in the future.

Yes. I do have a component selected when I go to view the shortcut list.
I’m not sure what you mean by “the plugin is not loading”.

Meaning that there might be errors preventing the command defined by the plugin from being defined.
Open the Extensions > Developer > Ruby Console then restart SketchUp and see if there are any errors for the plugin showing in the console after the restart.

When I open the ruby console it is blank. Is there a way to restart sketchup without quiting? When i quit sketchup the ruby console dissapears. Then when I open sketchup again and then open the ruby console again it is still blank.

LOL no

Okay, then there are no Ruby errors when the extension loads.

But be sure that Rotate 90 is actually switched on in the Extension Manager.

I think you found the start of the problem. I opened up the extension manager and several of my extensions are not there at all. When I open up the old '22 version they are all still there. Not sure what happened when I updated, but for some reason I only see three of the nine extensions i used to have. Do the extensions usually migrate automatically to newer versions when updated?

NO … there is no automatic extension migration feature at this time. (It is a long-requested feature and is on the “radar”.)

You must migrate your extensions manually. Update time is a good time to see if any extensions also need updating to newer versions.

Do I go to the extensions warehouse and add them to the new version? Or do I move them somehow from the previous version?

Yes, this is best, or from the SketchUcation Plugin Store if that is where you got them. (Basically go to where the source was originally. Some extensions are only distributed on one or the other of the stores.)

Ok. Thank you Dan. I really appreciate your help with this. It ate up half my day today. I am a timber frame home designer and builder and I have a zoom meeting tonight with clients who were hoping to see an updated model of their home. I think I will continue to draw using the '22 version and then go through this updating process when I have time tomorrow.
Are you a sketchup user who is volunteering your time here? Or do you get compensated from Trimble? If not, is there a way for thankful users to do something for the volunteers who help them? I super appreciate you taking the time to help me through this issue. Hopefully I can manage the plugin migration smoothly. I spend most of my time on site doing the actual building of homes and every time I sit down to design another one, I have some update or glitch that takes up a half a day! Nature of the beast I guess. Thank you again, LT

Just another user volunteer. I don’t really have anything setup. Just pay it forward. Help someone else, give to a local charity, etc.