Rotate 90 Keyboard Shortcut Not Functioning in SketchUp Version 23.1.139 Update?


I’ve recently updated to version 23.1.139, and I’ve noticed an issue with the ‘Rotate 90’ keyboard shortcut. Previously, this shortcut worked perfectly in all three axes (X, Y, and Z), but it now only functions in the Z-axis. This keyboard shortcut has been an essential productivity tool for me in SketchUp.

While the ‘Rotate 90’ option still works fine through the right-click menu, but it is a lot slower than using a single keyboard key press.

I suspect that this extension may no longer be compatible with the latest SketchUp version.
Is there a way to restore its functionality, or are there any alternative solutions available?

Thank you very much for your help.

SketchUp Rotate object with Keyboard - YouTube

It´s a known bug some characters keys like the one you chose(/), aren’t working if you assign as a shortcut, try assigning a shortcut using only letters, you can use Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys together with a letter if you have already used all the letters for other shortcuts, at least until an update fixing this and other bugs is released.


Hi @francisquitof

I appreciate your help once again.

Yes ! the problem arises from certain symbol characters not functioning in the new version.
However, when I attempted to use regular letters instead, it started working again.

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