Context menu (right-click) keyboard shortcuts not working

Since updating to Sketchup 2023, I’ve been unable to use right click context menu keyboard shortcuts. For instance, I used to be able to right click on an object, component, line or face and the context menu would pop up with a list of items with the first letter of the items underlined. So I’d right click on something, hit the letter H and it would hide that item, or right click on a face, hit R and it would reverse the face (versus the Rectangle shortcut it would be normal without the context menu). The big one that I miss is right click - G for group (versus the regular G which makes a component). The program is ignoring the context menu keyboard shortcut and acting like it’s a regular shortcut, so “G” pops up as create a component even when I have the context menu popup.
I just updated to the latest SU23 this morning and nothing has changed, still broken for me. Is there a setting I’m missing, or is this just broken for now?

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I replied in your other topic. This appears to be a result of the conversion of SketchUp on Windows to the Qt GUI library in version 2023.

Ok, we’ll continue the convo there.

I have same problem as txwoodworker. I’m missing “R” for reverese faces in latest 2023 version.

I’ve given up on it for now, but I’ve mapped custom letters to the commands I miss. It’s a hair faster to not have to right click (hotkeys) anyways, and I nearly never use components so it’s always groups. G for groups, H for hide, and R for Reverse faces.

Every time I try to use 2023 I have to go back to 2022. There’s just just so many issues. Now it’s this keyboard shortcuts issue. I mean, I can’t use delete!? This has just been a terrible release. Not worth the hundreds of dollars I spent on it.

“R” is the shortcut for the rectangle tool, you must change the shortcut on the preferences.

What do you mean? Assigning the delete key for a shortcut or using it to delete?

I know that. The problem here is with context menu (right click + hitting first letter of comand). For example it works for “H” for Hide, but for some reason the “R” is not working, or it has been linked to another function. I’m not able to make scrren capture with context menu on to share it with you…