Context menu (right-click) keyboard shortcuts not working

Since updating to Sketchup 2023, I’ve been unable to use right click context menu keyboard shortcuts. For instance, I used to be able to right click on an object, component, line or face and the context menu would pop up with a list of items with the first letter of the items underlined. So I’d right click on something, hit the letter H and it would hide that item, or right click on a face, hit R and it would reverse the face (versus the Rectangle shortcut it would be normal without the context menu). The big one that I miss is right click - G for group (versus the regular G which makes a component). The program is ignoring the context menu keyboard shortcut and acting like it’s a regular shortcut, so “G” pops up as create a component even when I have the context menu popup.
I just updated to the latest SU23 this morning and nothing has changed, still broken for me. Is there a setting I’m missing, or is this just broken for now?

I replied in your other topic. This appears to be a result of the conversion of SketchUp on Windows to the Qt GUI library in version 2023.

Ok, we’ll continue the convo there.