SU 2023 accelerators for accessibility?

Although this will force me to just make a shortcut, I most often in all previous releases would right click and select Reverse Faces by hitting the r key. The previous MFC menus would honor this, and it appears Qt appears to ignore the context click. I am hopeful this is fixable?

The R key is by default the rectangle tool, if you want it to be for reverse faces you should change it in the menu window/preferences/shortcuts.
Did you install sketchup in a new machine? I don’t think this is a qt framework issue, otherwise all the users would have this problem. A good installation in the same machine you had previous versions respects the shortcuts you had assigned and it will automatically add to the new version, did you run the installer as administrator?

Application shortcut accelerators do not bubble up when a context menu is open. Keystrokes normally apply to the menu items. If you see application shortcuts working while a context menu has focus, then this is a bug.

Yes, as it was explained to me, Qt does not automatically build context menu shortcuts.
What was said was that each Qt menu must explicitly be coded for shortcuts.
This makes for much work as there are quite a few localized translations of all the menus.

Some of the more common context shortcuts have been implemented, such as: Hide, Erase, Make Component…, etc.

exactly. I am not so sure that hide erase is working however. I can only get the underlined letters to show up maybe 20 percent of the time and usually only if I hit alt. Even then, the accelerator key is not seen, the key event is handled by the tool selection.

Just to also add to this, one thing I find very frustrating is the texture > position from right click. I used to do this all the time so you can set UV positioning on texture maps as easy as right clicking the texture and that no longer jumps to the texture flyout menu on the right click / context menu when you tap t.

Its so many more steps to move your mouse up over and down or use the arrow keys dozens of times. This is a major usability failure as these options are not even in the window menus! I guess it would be less frustrating if the rest of 2023 wasn’t lacking in stability.

You can get to in the shortcuts Edit Item Texture Position but it doens’t appear in the edit menus on my machine - which definitely seems like a bug.

I have only seen one other software company use Qt and they had major struggles as well and it took them dozens of years just to get stable. I really hope that isnt the case here.

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