Bring back context aware keybard shortcuts

Bring them back, you might ask? Were they ever a thing? Yes. I could select a face, line, several items, a component, a group, right click on them and in the dialog box that pops up there are shortcuts available based on what I selected. I could right click on a face and hit “R” to reverse the face, not draw a rectangle. Select several objects, right click, and hit “G” and make a group instead of a component. There were a few other ones I used, but these are the big ones. There is still one remnant left of the Context menu keyboard specific shortcuts that still works. Right click on a scene tab and hit “U” to update it to the current view. That’s the only one left in the '23 update. There’s still a shadow of this feature when you right click, see the underlined letters?
Which reminds me of another big one - H for hide instead of Pan.
Yes, I could map some other keystroke to these, but it’s muscle memory after all these years, and it’s great to have the dual use keybard shortcuts. The fact that those underlined remnants still exist make me think it’s just a glitch and not a deliberate retirement of a rarely used feature.

I have associated H with Hide and G with Group years ago as I always pan with my mouse middle button. Shortcuts I have set are transferred automatically to a new version when I upgrade. Window menu>Preferences>Shortcuts. To access the contextual menu items in Shortcuts you have to have something selected before invoking the Preferences dialog.

You’re saying the contextual shortcuts still exist? I tried assigning H to hide after having items selected, but it still treats it like a regular shortcut.

Interestingly enough though, I went through and assigned H to hide and U to unhide selected, and it didn’t mess up my right click U to update the scene.
This is progress.

Underlined letters in menus are hotkeys not shortcuts. (Well now changed to “access keys”) It should be very simple fix for SU to add these back in next update.

For those who don’t have them, by default windows turned off this feature which can be turned back on in the accessibility options. One way to get there is: right-click on desktop > in search type underline > select “underline access keys when available”

They are a leftover from DOS days. ALT + the underlined letter.

Thanks for the responses so far. I have re-mapped the H and G on my sketchup, so that covers most of what I do. Here’s to hoping they can bring back this “super user” shortcut system.