Create Group from Slice Shortcut?

Hi Guys & Girls

Having used my mouse a few hundred times to ‘Create Group from Slice’ today, I was wondering if there is a way to make a shortcut of this command?

Thanks as always.


Select one Section then you can create the shortcut


Thank you very much Mihai - I looked up and down that list a few times and didn’t spot it.

I assumed it may not be available as it is a contect specific, right mouse click command.

You have saved me a lot of mouse work :grinning: :+1:


Sorrry - I was a bit premature there.

That shortcut doesn’t appear in my list or am I missing something obvious?

Do you have a Section selected before you open the preferences?


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I didn’t realise the list changed subject to the programs state.

Thanks again - very much appreciated!

If you PM me your address I will send you a few beers :+1:

That’s why it is called the Context menu. The menu items listed depend on the context of the selection.

Of course, but the keyboard bindings interface could present all SketchUp functions - not just those that the SketchUp UI would offer to execute right at that instant - when a user is defining a shortcut.

I didn’t make any comment about that. Only about the Context menu.

Dave, I understood that you were referring to the Context menu, and I did not mean to be critical of your reply. When @kevin58 wrote “I didn’t realise the list changed subject to the programs state” I assume he was referring to the keybinding interface changing based on program state, not to the Context menu itself (which also changes based on program state).