How to group

I’ve been searching for group but what’s the short cut or menu for the group tool?

Here are some ways of grouping geometry:

1. Right-click (context-click) on selected geometry that you wish to be Grouped, and choose ‘Make Group
2. Select geometry you wish to be grouped, and go to the Edit Menu and choose ‘Make Group
3. A recently introduced feature allows you to create a Group before drawing anything ~ if preferred. You can do this by going to Edit > Make Group, or simply right-clicking in empty space and selecting ‘Make Group
4. I recommend creating a custom shortcut that you like for the Group command. Let us know if you’d like help learning how to assign your own custom shortcuts.


She’s apparently using “Free”, so custom shortcuts might not be available.

Make group, is that in the free web version of sketch, to add I’m working on a laptop with no mouse and no right click menu…

Yes. It’s possible to set keyboard shortcuts in the free web version.

Yes it is.

There must be a Context click option on your laptop. Typically the right hand button under the touch pad.


Yes the right hand button doesn’t work, thanks though …

Why doesn’t it work? What happens when you try to use it after selecting a bunch of geometry, hovering over it and clicking the button? Maybe you need to go into the system settings and set it to do that. Otherwise, do what Josh wrote and set a keyboard shortcut for it.

It just stopped working and the fan is going, an old laptop, need to get a new one

Well, until you do get a new one, do what Colin suggested. Click on the magnifying glass button immediately above the Select tool on the left. Search for ‘group’ and add a keyboard shortcut. Or just use G and make components. That keyboard shortcut already exists.

If the right click button didn’t work then try using two fingers on the track pad to click. That is sometimes right click, and more often there is a modifier key, like alt or cntrl that turns click into right click.

The simpler and far more affordable and easy solution that provides the most improvement is to use a mouse. That’s how sketchup is intended to be used and there’s a chance you can get a decent one for free or close to if you ask around.

Yes thanks, I do have a Logitech mouse with a central wheel which I’ll try to find…

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Sorry, I’m not a Windows guy, but doesn’t Control-Clicking do the same thing as Right Clicking with a mouse?

No. It doesn’t. Sophie’s best option is probably to get her mouse out and use that.

Many keyboards do have a Context Menu key, it is a square with three horizontal lines in it.

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so thats what it is !