How to use a Mac mouse to make groups

I am new and just tried to use a Mac mouse 2 to learn to make groups but could not figure how and confused with a win system which I use at the office.
I did try commend+A and right click it would not give me the window to select “make group” or “make component”

That should select all. That’s fine if everything in the model space needs to be included in the group.

Try hold Control while clicking on the mouse to bring up the Context menu.

G is the default keyboard shortcut for Create Component. You can make a keyboard shortcut for Create Group.

Is there a letter in the keyboard on the Mac for “make group”?
Thank you very much for your help.

You can add one. Go to Preferences>Shortcuts.

Not a single letter, but the default shortcut is ⌘G which you’ll see in the Edit menu. If you want a single letter, you’ll have to set it yourself as Dave said.

Thank you very much. I am learning but slowly.

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