Question about making a group

I drew an object, a simple ‘box’ and for some reason it won’t let me make a group. I’ve made other similar objects and had no problem right-clicking, selecting ‘make a group’, but with this one, I don’t get the same options. I’ve tried re-drawing, closing and reopening, etc. with no luck. Any ideas?

With nothing to go on we can only guess, randomly. Give us something, an image, a video, the model …

Unfortunately, I just deleted it and found another cumbersome work-around - editing an existing object that was already a group. Don’t know what else I could say to explain it. I drew a rectangle, then extruded it with the push/pull tool, then put the select tool on the extruded object and right-clicked. the menu of options I got did not include an option to make a group.

Make Group wouldn’t work if you only have one edge or one face selected. Double-clicking, to also get the edges, or triple-clicking, to get the rest of the box, would then show the Make Group option.

thanks, triple click worked. I didn’t think I’d done that with the others, but… I’m still not used to Sketchup. Seems counterintuitive from what I’ve used before. Anyway, I got what I wanted even if it did take jumping through a few hoops.

You have to select the things you want to make into a group, sketchup doesn’t guess what you want, it does what you tell it.

It’s similar to how text is selected. A single click sets an insertion point, double-click selects the word, triple-click selects the paragraph or line.

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Three dimensions, three clicks. That’s how I tell my students to remember the concept.

You can make a group of one edge with the command (Not the contextual menu), oddly–at least you can in my SU (2019–ain’t broke).

The web version doesn’t have a default shortcut for make group, as far as I know, but you can hit the search feature, type group and get Make Group.
Far quicker to double or triple click, right click, make group.

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